In light of the current situation, the past two Steering Committee meetings have been delayed until we can safely meet again. To maintain the momentum and keep us all engaged, we have prepared an online survey for the remaining Focus Areas. Many of the recommendations are from the 2015 Plan, however if you find there are locations with alternative suggestions, we will address at our next in person meeting.

Focus Area Survey

The link below provides an opportunity to give feedback on the remaining Focus Areas. Many of the areas are consistent with the 2015 Comprehensive Plan. The planning team will review survey results. If we find there are locations with alternative suggestions or conversation necessary, we will address only those areas at our next meeting.

We ask that you only take the survey once and that you provide your name and email so we know which Steering Committee members have participated.

Focus Area Survey

Background Materials

The planning team recommend having the workbook in front of you while completing the survey, or have it available for reference in a separate tab. You may want to refer to the front section of the workbook (pages 2-9) for Character Area and Land Use Descriptions if you would like to suggest an alternative use. Additionally, addendums from past relevant meetings are located below so you can follow previously discussed recommendations.

Focus Area Workbook

Other Questions?

If you have general questions or other ideas, please feel free to fill out a comment form or get in touch with the planning team.

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