Steering Committee meets to kick-off planning process!

By June 18, 2019News

Deerfield Township is undertaking a long-range planning effort to establish a vision and policies for how and where the Township will grow over the next couple decades. It is crucial that this plan be built on the values, needs and aspirations of the community. To ensure this happens, a diverse group of community members has been convened to guide the planning process.

Twenty-two members of the Deerfield Township community have been selected to provide key guidance and insight as part of the Becoming Deerfield Steering Committee. Members were selected to represent the diversity of perspectives in the Township. The committee’s first meeting was held June 11th. Over a period of approximately 12 months, the committee will be working closely with the Township’s planning staff, the planning team and other community members to advance both the public process and the substance of the comprehensive plan update.