Thank you for participating in the What’s Next Workshop!

By October 28, 2019News

Thank you for participating in the What’s Next? Workshop. On September 30 we met with a couple dozen participants to share research and get input on land uses in Deerfield Township. The Workshop asked participants what they see for the future of the township through polling questions and a mapping activity. Both activities promoted discussions at small tables and were meant to have participants discuss the pros/cons of each topic.

At the end of the Workshop, each table reported out with themes from their discussion. The activities were also replicated through an online portal and gave those unable to attend the chance to provide their ideas and feedback. After 30 days, the online activity was closed. Check back here soon for a summary of what we heard and how the information will be used moving forward!

Check the resources page if you would like to see the presentation or dig through any additional materials. Thank you again for participating and look forward to seeing you at the Open House in March.